Emotions. Style. Sincerity.

Hello friends, my name is Ilya Kuksenok. The most important thing I want to do for you is to keep the story of the happiest day in your life with trepidation!

Hi, my name is Ilya Kuksenok. The philosophy of my photos is Emotion, Style, Sincerity. Cancer according to the horoscope, lefty, probably this means that I am a "creative person".


Scrolling down, you will see pieces of my life. Travel, creative process, funny moments and my everyday life. When creating this kind of "ABOUT ME" page format, I wanted you to get to know me through these photos before meeting me. Please treat some of the photos with humor.


katya gena DEilik



OOOPS just got married


Everything was spontaneous. On June 1, I was offered to shoot the wedding, which was supposed to take place on June 14. 2 weeks of preparation, this is really a very short time to prepare. There was a request to take Stepa and me together in the team, as we really liked our tandem, what content we do together, how we behave in social networks, and this is of course very pleasant. Accidents are not accidental.


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